Antop Antenna Reviews: Side-By-Side Comparison

Are you looking for a way to watch TV for free? Today, it seems like everyone is opting for a subscription and ditching expensive cable plans. But even subscription plans can cost hundreds of dollars every year, and they’re limited to pre-recorded shows.

We have some good news for you. You can buy an antenna and start enjoying TV without any costly subscriptions.

Do you believe that antennas offer a handful of low-quality, fuzzy stations that you’ve never heard of? Thankfully, TV antennas and broadcast technology has improved quite a bit. Now you can plug in your antenna to your TV and pick up plenty of stations in HD.

There are hundreds of different antennas available on Amazon and Walmart, which can make your buying decision difficult. The last thing you want to do is buy an antenna that only picks up a few channels.

In this article, we’re comparing the ANTOP TV Antenna to the Raven Antenna side-by-side and sharing the results with you. Read on to see which antenna will deliver the local news and other TV stations to your house without cable's high costs.


If you don’t use cable, a TV antenna is the best way to get local stations. Most major TV networks are broadcasting their shows in HD, and you can check out which channels are broadcasting in your area on the FCC’s reception map. The channels you pick up will depend on the antenna you use, your location, and the broadcasters’ location.

The range of your antenna and your proximity to the broadcasters will affect how well you’ll receive the signals. Signals travel best in flat, open terrains because trees, mountains, and buildings block the signals from reaching your antenna. Sometimes people living in rural areas won’t get great signals because they’re further away from the broadcasters. Some antennas advertise a range of 150+ miles, but we found that they never live up to their expectations.

The Antop antenna is a popular choice because of its slim design and 4G LTE filter. The antenna is advertised as paper-thin and can block out signals from cell phones that cause interference.

The Raven Antenna uses patent-pending technology designed to pick up signals through walls and other obstacles that hinder other antennas. The Ultra Wave technology promises a better range, giving you access to channels that other antennas don’t receive.


A typical TV antenna costs between $30-40, and not paying a monthly subscription can save you a significant amount of money. We found that you usually get what you pay for, so a $9.99 antenna that promises 100’s of HD channels will likely leave you disappointed.

Raven Antenna current price: $59.98 + Limited time offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Free shipping: Yes

Monthly subscription: No

Clear TV current price: $26.98

Free shipping: Yes

Monthly subscription: No

Setup and installation

Your TV antenna will only take a few minutes to install. Both antennas plug into the back of your TV using a coax cable. Then you’ll need to find a place to mount the antenna; close to a window is often the best spot.

After your antenna is plugged into your TV and power source, change the source to antenna. Your TV should automatically start scanning for channels or prompt you to start scanning.

Depending on your location and where your TV is, you might need to move the antenna to a few different positions to get the best signal.

Antop advises that their antenna gets the best signal when placed higher and closer to the window. This reduces the chances of trees or walls blocking your signal. We also noticed that many customers had very different results when they moved their Antop antenna to a different spot. You’ll probably need to move your antenna around and rescan for channels to find the best spot during your setup.


Some antennas claim to pick up signals from hundreds of miles away. Unfortunately, most of those claims aren’t valid in real-world situations. The average signal range for a quality antenna is 35 miles, but many cheaper antennas only reach a few miles.

The Antop antenna advertises a signal of 35-50 miles. The antenna has a Smartpass Amplifier, which balances the short and long range reception to give you the best signal. In the past, LTE signals could interfere with TV broadcasting and distort the picture. In 2009, the TV broadcast band was decreased and no longer overlaps with LTE signals. The Antop antenna still includes an LTE blocker, but signal interference is minimal.

The Raven antenna advertises a range of 80+ miles. The extended range is made possible by a patent-pending Ultra Wave Technology. This allows the signal to pass through normal obstacles like walls and trees.

What others are saying

Before you choose which antenna to buy, it’s important to look at what others say about the TV antenna in order to avoid falling victim to a scam. The first-hand experience varies depending on the user’s location, so it’s best to look at various reviews. If an antenna performs well in different locations, it’s a safer bet that it’ll perform well in your home too.

Raven Antenna

Number of Reviews: 19

Average Rating: 4.9/5

Top Positive Feedback: Most of the people that bought and reviewed the Raven Antenna previously purchased a different antenna. Common feedback said that the Raven antenna performed noticeably better than their previous antenna, and customers reported that the Raven was picking up more channels.

Top Negative Feedback: Having only 19 reviews and an average of 4.9 stars doesn’t give us much negative feedback. The one potential negative we found is that the Raven antenna costs a bit more than other options.

Antop TV

Number of Reviews: 97

Average Rating: 3.8/5

Top Positive Feedback: The antenna is very slim and easy to set up. The range and quality of the channels is very good compared to other antennas.

Top Negative Feedback: Customers who wrote a negative review or mixed review seemed to have trouble finding the right location for their antenna. In some spots customers weren’t getting a good signal, and in others they got a good range of channels.

Final thoughts

Sorting through the different options to find the best TV antenna is challenging. When you buy a new antenna, you want it to meet and exceed your expectations, get a good signal, and deliver great-quality TV. You don’t want to find out that your new antenna doesn’t perform how you expected.

After our comparisons, our verdict is that the Raven Antenna is a better overall choice than the Antop antenna. If you want to get a great deal on buying two antennas and don’t want to worry about finding just the right spot to put it, the Raven Antenna is a better choice.