Clear TV Antenna Reviews - There's A Better Option

As more people continue canceling their cable subscriptions, there is a need to get local stations. Young people especially don’t want to pay $80 a month for a cable plan and choose instead to pay $8-10 a month for Netflix or Hulu.

The problem is that without cable you won’t get the local news or sports stations. Fortunately, a TV antenna can pick up local stations for free. The local news is broadcast around the city at no cost; you only need an antenna to pick up the signal.

There are plenty of cheap antennas available on Amazon, but we found they have a weak signal and only receive a handful of channels. Most antennas are designed to sit on a shelf, similar to a WiFi modem. We decided to compare the popular Clear TV antenna to the Raven antenna and share the results with you.

Buying a quality antenna is the easiest way to get local TV stations without needing a monthly subscription or a caster device.


If you don’t have cable, getting a great TV antenna is a must. The majority of major TV networks are broadcasting their shows in HD. An antenna simply picks up those signals and allows you to watch for free.

The range of your antenna and the radiowaves’ proximity will determine how well you’ll receive the signals. Things like trees, mountains, and buildings can block the signal from reaching your antenna, and people in rural areas usually don’t get great signals.

Some antennas boast that you can pick up hundreds of free channels, but we’ve found that most of them only pick up a handful of local stations.

The Clear TV antenna is a popular choice for Amazon shoppers. It’s easy to set up and use, but we found some concerns about the range and the number of channels it can pick up. The Raven Antenna uses a new technology called Ultra Wave and promises a better range so you can have access to more channels.


The average price for a TV antenna is between $30-40, which is a great deal considering there are usually no subscriptions. As with most things, you get what you pay for. If you find an antenna for $9.99 that promises 100’s of HD channels, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Raven Antenna: $59.98 + Limited time offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Free Shipping - Yes

Monthly subscription - No

Clear TV: $19.99

Free Shipping - Yes

Monthly subscription - No

Setup and installation

Your TV antenna will only take a few minutes to install. Both of these antennas are plugged into the back of your TV using the coax cable. Then you need to find a place to mount the antenna. After it's plugged in and mounted, go to your TV settings and change the source to the antenna. Usually, your TV will automatically start scanning for channels.

Depending on your location and where your TV is, you might need to move the antenna to a few different positions to get the best signal.

The Clear TV antenna will get the best signal closer to the window, and ideally in areas where there are fewer trees or walls which could block your signal.


Some antennas claim to pick up signals from hundreds of miles away. Unfortunately, most of those claims aren’t valid in real-world situations. The average signal range for a quality antenna is 35 miles, but many cheaper antennas only reach a few miles. 

The weak signals can be troublesome for people who live in rural areas or places surrounded by trees or buildings. The average antenna will also have trouble picking up signals through walls or floors if you’re using it in a basement.

The Clear TV antenna advertises a signal of 35 miles. Some users reported having a good signal, while others reported only getting a few channels. With this antenna, our location and where you’re using it will impact your signal.

The Raven antenna advertises a range of 80+ miles. The extended range is made possible by a patent-pending Ultra Wave Technology that allows the signal waves to pass through walls and trees. 

What others are saying

Before you make a purchase, it’s essential to look at what other people say about the TV antenna. The signals that antennas pick up vary depending on location, so if they’re only tested in one place, the results can be significantly different. If the antenna performs consistently well in various environments, it’s a much safer bet that it will perform well for you.

Raven Antenna

Number of Reviews: 19

Average Rating: 4.9/5

Top Positive Feedback: Most of the customers that reviewed the Raven Antenna had purchased other antennas from Amazon. The most common feedback given was that the Raven antenna was much better than the previous antennas, and customers were picking up many more channels. 

Top Negative Feedback: Because there are fewer reviews, we couldn’t find much negative feedback. The only potential negative we found is that this antenna costs more than the average.

Clear TV

Number of Reviews: 1,892

Average Rating: 3.8/5

Top Positive Feedback: The antenna is easy to install, and the quality of the channels was very good. 

Top Negative Feedback: Many customers who bought this were disappointed in the range because of their location. Customers trying to use this antenna in rural areas weren’t getting a good signal. And the antenna needed to be placed next to a window.

Final thoughts

Choosing the right TV antenna can be a challenge. The last thing you want to do is spend your time and money on an antenna and be disappointed by the lack of channels you get.

Our final verdict is that the Raven Antenna is a better overall choice because of the better range and more advanced technology. If you’re on a tight budget and in a great location- near a broadcast station and not surrounded by trees, the Clear TV antenna isn’t a bad choice.

If you’re in a more rural area or want to use the antenna in your basement, the Raven Antenna is a better choice.