Ever Wondered How Does Tile Work?

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Tile is a company that offers Bluetooth trackers that connects through a technology called "Bluetooth LE" in order to allow owners to keep track of various items ranging from mobile phones, wallets, keys, and more. You can virtually track anything and everything that you want as long as you can find a way to attach a tile to it. Below, we will be going over how the tech behind Tile's Bluetooth trackers, what it can work with, and why you would want to use it.

The Technology Behind It:

1. BLE or Bluetooth LE.

As mentioned previously, Tile trackers utilize Bluetooth LE which makes it a universal tracking device. Because just about every mobile device features Bluetooth nowadays, you will be able to connect a Bluetooth tracker directly to your phone to keep tabs on it. In order for the Tile key finder to work, the battery needs to be operational and your device needs Bluetooth. As long as your Bluetooth is within range, you will be able to connect with the Tile key finder directly through your phone using Tile's proprietary app and have the Tile key finder device ring to make it easier to locate. The device is capable of working within a 100-300 foot radius depending on the version you purchase.

2. Community Aspect via Crowd-sourcing.

One of the magic aspects of Tile's key finder product offering comes into play with its crowd-sourcing concept. If you are no longer within the needed range of your device, you can tap on a button that triggers that your item is lost which can help you better locate your item using a grid of Tile Bluetooth trackers scattered across the area. Because of this crowd-sourcing aspect, Tile has a clear advantage given it has sold over 20 million Tile devices according to its website [1]. Because Tile has claimed such a large portion of the marketplace, it gives those in suburban or urban areas greater blanket coverage which makes locating things a lot easier. All you need is for your device to be within the capacity range of another user's registered device. Because Tile's location updated are automated and anonymous, you don't have to worry about security issues associated with others in the community locating your lost item. Not only do Tile devices in the wild add to the expanded network, but also those that download the app. The Title system is able to utilize devices to ping and locate lost items using the same tech.

3. Attach It To Anything.

Because there are all kinds of different Tiles in various form factors, you should be able to attach or use Tile with a variety of different things. Whether you want to keep tabs on your headphones, mobile phone, passport wallet, or even use it for a short distance car tracking solution. Some of the latest form factors that they have adapted to are stickers that allow you to stick the finder on virtually anything that you want and even a slim form factor which makes it easy to slip into your wallet. The stickers are a very unique product that will allow you to stick to various sized devices with adhesive. These stickers have a battery rating of up to 3 years prior to losing power. Because they utilize adhesive, this product opens up the Tile platform to a lot of different products that you normally wouldn't be able to track including but not limited to TV remotes, cameras, tools, and more. Due to the versatility of the product, you can pretty much begin using Tile to track anything that you could possibly want.

4. View The Location On Your Map.

When you are using the app, you will be able to look at each individual Tile device that you have in order to find it's location history. From this point, you will be able to see the last place it was updated and at what time.

5. More And More Devices Coming.

While Tile's technology started as purely software-based implementation, Tile is beginning to build relationships with hardware manufacturers in order to seamlessly provide Tile tracking solutions natively by the hardware itself. That way, the Tile tracking solutions offered by their mobile app will be natively compatible with various hardware releases ranging from fitness trackers to accessory and headphone manufacturers. One such hardware manufacturer that has partnered with Tile to include this tech natively is Bose. Bose is manufacturing its headsets with this tech embedded in the hardware according to Tech Crunch [2]. Some of the other brands that are partnering and releasing new products with Tile's tech embedded are Nomad, Fossil, Ground, Keysmart, and more.

6. Smart Home Integration.

Being able to locate your devices with your phone and tablet is a major part of what makes Tile great. However, as smart home devices become increasingly widespread, Tile is enhancing its integration with smart home devices and technology as a whole. Tile has established partnerships with both Amazon and Google [3]. Therefore, you will be able to use both Alexa and Google Assistant in order to find and locate missing devices. You will be able to use voice-enabled smart devices to ask for updates on your Tile trackers and the full integration with each respective ecosystem will function along with it. Therefore, you will be able to use Google Home to ask to ring your Tile tracker so you can better locate it.

7. Premium Features.

Tile has released premium features that you can pay for. While the app itself is completely free to use, you can pay for added premium features that will allow you to do things like setting up smart alerts, get free battery replacements, take advantage of unlimited sharing, and even view your 30-day location history.

What Is Tile Good For?

1. Best Selling Bluetooth Tracker.

The thing that makes Tile the undisputed champion in this sector comes with its dominance on the market. Not only does the company boast over 20 million Tiles sold worldwide but its website indicates that it has established an 80% retail market share presence within the U.S [4]. Because of this, it is able to provide blanket coverage across the United States and even has communities spanning over 230 countries in total. Therefore, the network that they have established makes it such a far-reaching tracking network which makes it the most robust and complete that you will find anywhere.

2. Industry Partners.

While having individual trackers offers incredible versatility, Tile getting hardware partners to jump on-board is good both for the company itself, but also the community. This only adds to the coverage available and it allows those that have already invested in the Tiles ecosystem to continue to use their favorite devices without having to buy additional Tiles and without having to enter a different ecosystem to do so.

3. Universal Compatibility.

As mentioned, the tech used is Bluetooth LE. This is a wireless technology that is compatible with every product with a modern Bluetooth 4.0 specification or above. Along with this, it maintains a similar communication range with the older Bluetooth specifications but at a much-reduced power consumption cost. This universal compatibility makes the tracking solution very convenient and versatile.

4. Versatility.

As mentioned previously, there are so many different ways to use a Tile tracker device. Because they have begun to make them in so many different form factors, it makes for a very versatile device. This is something to love about the Tile tracker solution because you will not be limited to using it with your key fob. By using your creativity, you might even be able to deploy it to use in other ways.

The Bad

1. Battery.

The biggest downside to Tile's Bluetooth trackers come with its non-replaceable battery. When you purchase a Tile tracker, you are getting a tracker that essentially becomes disposable after one year. Because the battery is non-replaceable, it becomes a paper-weight after that time. There are other competitors on the market that not only offer user-replaceable trackers but also programs that will allow you to mail in older trackers to upgrade.

Overall, Tile is the leader when it comes to Bluetooth tracking technology. Tile infiltrated the market and managed to capture a significant amount of the market share which only increases the value of their technology and respective implementation. Having such a large and widespread network of Tile trackers in the wild and so many people using their mobile app, it only makes it increasingly effective to find Tile trackers and lost items or devices worldwide. As Tile continues to gain hardware partners and with even more products getting the Tile platform integrated into their devices it is only expected to continue to grow. For these reasons, if you are looking for a Bluetooth tracking device, the Tile device is unmatched.


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