The Pros & Cons of Bluetooth Tracking Devices

We've all been there. If you lose something important and spend a lot of time trying to locate it again, you're probably looking for a better solution. Bluetooth devices can make the hunt for lost items easier and less stressful. However, this technology comes with benefits and disadvantages.

As a quick overview, a Bluetooth tracker (click here) is a small tag that can be attached to keys or inserted into cases or other items that you want to avoid losing. The tags are linked to a phone and potentially a tracking service by the maker so that there is a link between you and your possessions.

Pros: Low Energy Cost

One of the primary concerns for users is that the BT finders stays in constant communication with their phones and will drain the battery. However, the exchange is low energy and won't be taxing. Most users can't even tell the difference in battery life with its enabled.

Cons: It's not a GPS Device

This is a common misconception that users have when purchasing a Bluetooth tracker. This means that your proximity to the tracking tag will determine whether or not you can locate it. For example, if you leave a camera bag at a restaurant with a tracker inside, the application will tell you where it last had access to the bag. If the bag is still at the restaurant when you return, the app will reconnect and show you where the bag is located. However, if someone takes the bag and leaves the restaurant, you probably won't be in range.

Pros: Easy Reminder

If you tend to lose items in your house or you're carrying something that you normally don't, then you can set the included app to set off an alarm to locate or remind you of the item. This is a great solution that's easy to use and will help you stick to your daily routine.

Con: Won't Keep Them Secure

It is often seen as an extra layer of security but it doesn't play much of a role in keeping your items safe. You may want to have a GPS device for higher-priced items and the basic Bluetooth tracker is a simple device that can be removed.

Pro: Competitive Market

There is a variety of tracking gadget on the market today and they are in competition for business. This means that the quality of these devices is improving over time and small glitches are quickly being fixed.

Con: Battery

The battery for a typical BT device will last about a year. If you can't replace the battery then you'll have to buy a new one. Some do have replaceable batteries though so you may want to consider that model. If you have to buy a new tracker this year, expect to pay around $20 for each one.

Final Thoughts

Although low energy trackers have benefits, they may not be the solution that you need. This pro and con list can help determine if it is the right choice for you.