TV Buddy Reviews: Yes TV Buddy Caster Is A Scam Here's Why

Amazon reviews shows product lies to everyone about getting free channels.

For those of you who are wondering if TV Buddy is a scam according to multiple sources that seem to be true. The good news is there are other devices on the market that do work such as a long range Television antenna or a device called TVRoxx which is legit and does allow you to “cut the cord”, I’ll explain this a little more later on in the article but for now, let's focus on TV Buddy.

The Reviews Don’t Lie

TV Buddy Caster has a lot of it's customer reviews as 1-star (55% to be exact) on Amazon (which implies it's a terrible product) and most of the customers don't seem happy at all with the device as you can see in the TV Buddy Caster reviews screenshots below:

Problem with TVBuddy 1080p television device based on users who placed an order

The majority seem to have had a bad experience.

Amazon tv buddy users had nothing good to say about tv buddy and had no idea about the limited video formats, not being compatible with computers, poor h 265 decoding modes & internet connection.

Each TV Buddy Caster review above is from verified customers who've used TV Buddy Caster product. We've also checked other sources outside of amazon and each TV Buddy Caster review was the same (users having terrible experiences).

According to the majority of the tv buddy reviews found on google, the product that the customers received was NOT the product that was advertised.

People thought that they were going to receive a device that would allow them to save on their TV cable bill but that’s not what the device does. You can't watch your favorite TV channels or even change TV channels without using your phone or tablet.

TV Buddy Caster product is a screen mirror device, that’s all it is. A screen mirror device is a product that simply shows your mobile phone screen on your TV using what's called "airmirror cross system mirroring".

It's basically a no name, google chromecast knockoff product.

Besides that, the majority of people were not even able to get their streaming device to work at all, and that’s not even the worst part, to get any support some users claimed that the company asked for additional payment just to get assistance with a product they just purchased.

If all of this doesn't raise a red flag to you then I don’t know what else will.

How Does TVRoxx Device Compare To TV Buddy?

The main difference between the two is TVRoxx is NOT a scam and TV Buddy Caster is. TVRoxx is a digital streaming android device (version 4.4) for your TV that allows you to install certain applications that enable free TVs & Movies legally.

So for example Crackle is an app owned by Sony that you can install on the TVRoxx device which allows you to watch free movies and TV shows and it's 100% legal content.

If you wondered how these companies make a profit putting their content up for free it's through ads, it’s almost like YouTube but just for movies and TV shows.

This is just one of many apps that you can install on TVRoxx, you have access 100’s of them that you can install on TVRoxx to legally watch free TV content.

There are so many available that it will save you 100s on your cable or satellite bill, you can even cancel your cable or satellite service once you get TVRoxx which is what most people do.

TVRoxx Is More Practical Than TV Buddy

Besides the fact that TV Buddy Caster is complete crap, one of the other pitfalls of TV Buddy Caster device is that it’s 100% reliant on your smartphone according to reviews.

This means that if you’re speaking on the phone, it will be pretty difficult to interact with your TV screen.

With TVRoxx, you don’t have this issue because remember, it’s not a screen mirror device so it does not use your phone at all, it’s self-sufficient.

TVRoxx website states that it comes with a wireless air mouse which makes it super easy to browse through shows just by clicking on the name and even browse the web directly from our TV. There is also an optional air remote for TVRoxx as well. This leads to a better user experience.

TV Buddy Caster Has Very Choppy Video Playback & Compatibility Issues

TV Buddy Caster has such bad reviews is that the people who can get the device to work complain about playback issues. Some say that playback is very choppy and very inconsistent quality.

Some also said that they the device wasn't compatible with their iOS phone, television or that their television wasn't displaying things properly.

The reason why this is the case comes down to the overall quality of TV Buddy Caster & the very cheap hardware with poor processing speed and overall less quality.

The main problem is it uses only 1 processor and this is not sufficient enough and only supports 1080p resolution. It simply can't deliver high quality videos consistently which leads to poor user experience.

This can also be due to the wi fi chip, cheap wi fi chips tends to provide poor home internet connection.

TVRoxx Has Better Features & Better Hardware

With TVRoxx, because the unit is larger and uses quality components, the manufacturer was able to use better hardware as indicated by the list below:
  1. Multiple processors (For smooth streaming)
  2. SD/Micro SD card reader
  3. 4 USB Ports
  4. Supports 4k UltraHD (Full HD Resolution Video Playback)
  5. Wifi network internet connection
  6. Ethernet internet connection
  7. SPDIF
  8. HDMI port
  9. Supports multiple audio formats including AAC, MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV. APE
  10. Supports the following video formats such as WMA, ISOs, 3D, H.264, H 265 Decoding, HEVC, WEBM, avi, flv, mkv, mov, vob
  11. Supports all photo formats including Jpeg, Jpg, Png, Bmp, Gif etc..
  12. Fast processing speed
  13. Supports Both Netflix & YouTube as well as access to 1000s of other apps

The 4k UltraHD resolution that TVRoxx utilizes looks fantastic on big screen TV's and everything looks very detailed.

    According to the information on TV Buddy Caster's website, it only has 3 of the 13 features TVRoxx has! TVBuddy doses not even have an HDMI port or H 265 support.TVRoxx works with just about any television (as long as the TV has an HDMI port).

    Comparing these 2 units is like comparing night and day.

    TVRoxx is great for people who want to watch TV & Movies or just use it as a media center to also listen to mp3, wav, aac, ape or even play games, view ogg, flv, avi, vob, mkv, wma, mov, gif, bmp, png, jpeg files from your SD card.

    One review online stated "TVRoxx give you more for the money" and another review stated "TVRoxx is the best streaming android box available".

    TVRoxx Is Also More Affordable

    With the current pandemic and people not being able to afford to make big purchases and television is our escape. TVRoxx has made it so that you can purchase their system with 4 easy payments of $24.66.

    TV Buddy Caster on the other hand requires that you make an upfront payment of $50. This just goes to show that TV Buddy Caster is more interested in making a quick buck whereas TVRoxx is more interested in marking an affordable quality product that their end-users will love.

    TVRoxx also accepts PayPal so you can rest assured that if you’re not satisfied with their product you are going to be able to get your money back.

    With TV Buddy Caster Your Phone is Your Limitation

    Another major problem with TV Buddy Caster is that your smartphone limits what you can mirror to your television. Access to Disney+ doesn't work on iOS (as of this writing), neither does Netflix & Hulu and a multitude of other services. You either can't use TV Buddy with these or they perform poorly.

    With TVRoxx, you can install the aforementioned app as well as many others without issue and displays perfectly on your TV.

    TVRoxx Supports Their Product Unlike TV Buddy

    One thing that TVRoxx excels at is that they offer better support. They have a toll free number where they can be reached as well as Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram where you can also receive assistance.

    TV Buddy Caster as mentioned before does not provide help when you need it and does not have a phone number where you can reach someone if need be. Some people also mentioned that to get assistance from TV Buddy Caster they had to pay an additional fee.

    There Is Really No Comparing These 2 Devices

    At the end of the day, these devices can’t really be compared as TVRoxx is in a whole different league than TV Buddy. It’s much more powerful and TVRoxx has way more features that actually let you cancel your cable bill if you want.

    You can also sign up with streaming services, something like Hulu, Prime Video & Sling or whatever one you want, they allow devices like TVRoxx to get the same exact channels you have with your cable or satellite provider but for MUCH cheaper. So the choice is yours.

    I spoke with TVRoxx and they told me that their 50% off promotion will be ending soon (They didn’t give me an exact date) so If you’re interested I would highly recommend that you check it out today. If you aren’t satisfied with the system you can just always request a refund.