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RAVEN CUSTOM TV ANTENNA - Customized to Work Specifically for Your Address!


  • Capture Channels Other Antennas Simply Cant

  • Uses Pure Copper Wiring

  • Customized To Work For Your Address

"...The number of channels I was able to secure with 1 scan with the Raven Custom Antenna is simply unbelievable!"

Are you tired of paying for cable? Do you want to get channels in your city and potentially nearby cities as well? If so the Raven Version custom TV antenna is exactly what you are looking for!  The Raven Custom TV Antenna is NOTHING like your old antenna. 

There is currently very few Antennas on the market that can outperform a custom TV antenna that's designed specifically to work for your address.

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How can I see if the antenna is good for my location?

Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to know beforehand if an antenna is going to work at your location. The only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself (we have a money back guarantee). 

The reason why is there are numerous undetermined factors that can affect your ability to receive TV signals. For example, let's say there are 50 stations in your city BUT you live next to a LTE Tower, that alone can cause you to lose out on a lot of channels because LTE signals interfere with TV signals.

What's the difference between your TV antenna and other TV antennas like the ones found at Walmart, Amazon, etc...

We use quality components such as Copper wiring and we've tested and finetuned our antennas in multiple cities and states and have performed numerous upgrades to insure peak performance. To put it simply, you will most likely not get as many channels using low quality antennas found on Amazon & Walmart. Most antennas on these websites contain no copper or lie about containing copper.

Can I put the antenna behind the TV?

Yes, you can hide the antenna behind the TV but that's not the ideal position to put it. Ideally you would want to put on a nearby window if possible. Also, depending on the direction the TV signal is coming from, you could get less channels putting it behind the TV than you would if you put it higher up the wall or even on an opposite wall. Try putting the antenna in different spots and see what works best for you.

Do I need an antenna for each TV I have?

Yes, the antenna only connects to 1 TV at a time. So if you have 3 TV's, then you'll need 3 antennas.

Does the anntena also receive VHF signals?

Yes! It can receive VHF signals, but your location will really be the determining factor. If you are very far away the antenna will have a hard time but if you are relatively close, it should pick them up without issue.

Our Biggest Success Story!

Laura tried just about every TV antenna on the market, including the top sold antennas on Amazon and NONE would work. She literally tried over 12 TV antennas, but she could not pick up any channels. 

She was told by multiple people that because of where she lived it would not be possible for her to pick up a TV signal with a standard TV antenna due to various issue with where she is located.

After trying all of her options without any luck she decided to try the Raven Custom TV Antenna which was customized to work at her specific address, and she was able to receive 94 channels as shown below:

Because of all the channels she was able to receive, she was able to completely get rid of her cable bill. Now she pays $0 every month while still watching some of her favorite TV shows.

These types of results are only possible with a customized TV antenna designed to work specifically at your location.

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About Us

The Raven Gadgets team spent years perfecting the Raven Long Range Indoor antenna. Our goal was to create an antenna that’s able to capture as many local channels as possible to help free customers from expensive cable bills. Cable costs keep rising (and recently ATT has announced another rise in cost). After 5 years of testing, we finally achieved our goal of producing a powerful antenna that’s capable of getting all the channels available in your area. In some instances, our antenna was able to pull over 120 channels which is nothing short of amazing. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our antenna, or we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked!