Reaching Cat

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More Info

Our raised cat paw LED illusion lamp happens to be our top seller. As you can tell by the video these will look fantastic at night and will surely impress anyone you show it too.

More Info:

  1. With most lamps, you have to change bulbs every few months. Because ours is 100% LED, that means it will last for 50,000 hours (which is 11 years).
  2. When searching for lamps one thing you'll probably come across often is the fact that they're very traditional and very boring. This lamp (as shown in the video) can switch between 7 different colors.
  3. There are plenty of lamps out there but none quite as unique this one.
  4. You can display it anywhere since power can be supplied via USB or AAA batteries.
  5. Uses a custom clear acrylic plate to make the hologram illusionary effect.
Remove Plastic

When you get your package in the mail, please don't forget to remove off of the acrylic plate. The plastic is only covering one side of the plate. You can tell if you've removed the plastic because the plate will no longer look frosted but instead look crystal clear.