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About Our 3D LED Hologram Illusion Lamps

Our breathtaking LED hologram lamps will truly impress anyone who sees it. It's nothing like anything you've ever seen before with its hologram-like illusion. After years of design work and tests, we've finally designed a lamp that looks simply stunning!

Here's what makes our lamp so unique:

  1. Most lamps can only be used for a few years before having to change the bulb or toss it out. Ours last around 50,000 hours, that's over 11 years!
  2. The vast majority of LED lamps being sold only utilizes white LED's. With ours, you can activate over 7 different colors each of which can represent your current mood.
  3. When it comes to power you are not limited to one option, you can use either the included USB cable or 3 AA batteries.
  4. Uses a crystal clear acrylic plate designed using advanced computer technology which produces the hologram effect.
  5. You won't find another one like it. People will truly be amazed when they see it.
Don't Forget To Remove The Plastic

Please don't forget to remove the plastic film that's on the acrylic plate once you get your lamp. The reason why we add this film is so that when you receive it in the mail, it's in tactic and scratch free. The plastic film is only on one side (you should be able to tell just by feeling it).

All you have to do is take a knife and peel it off (as shown in the video above).