Sitting Cat

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About Our 3D LED Illusion Lamps

The sitting cat is our second most popular LED hologram illusion lamp gracefully in all of its glory.


  1. While most lamps only last a few years, with ours you'll get around 50,000 hours of continuous use. That's 11 years!
  2. Don't settle for boring. Most lamps use normal light bulbs that draw a lot of power. Ours uses tiny LEDs which have the ability to switch between 7 different color modes.This means no matter how you're feeling you can select a color to match your mood.
  3. You have the choice of using either USB or 3 AA batteries.
  4. The acrylic plates (which are used for the hologram effect) are all custom.
  5. Now you can really impress your friends, family, and other guests. This lamp simply demands attention!
Don't Forget

When you get your order please remember that you have to remove the one-sided plastic on the acrylic plate. The plastic is added after manufacturing to make sure that your item isn't damaged in the mail and it's in one piece, scratch free, etc.. You'll be able to tell which side is covered in plastic just by feeling it with your hands.This step must be done for the crystal clear hologram effect to display properly.