Walking Cat

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This particular lamp displays a cat majestically walking along. A stunning piece to add your home or collection. Like with all of our lamps, this one will surely impress anyone who sees it, a sure-fire attention grabber.

Here are the features:

  1. With traditional lamps, you have to make sure that you have spare bulbs as they eventually burn. With this lamp, there are no bulbs to change and last over a decade.
  2. Thre are tons of LED lamps/bulbs but most of them suffer from the same thing, poor (no vibrant) color. Ours has 7 vibrant color schemes that are very addicting to look at.
  3. Very modular since it utilizes either USB or AA batteries
  4. Comes with a custom made acrylic plate which is used for the illusionary display.
  5. At the end of the day, you won't find another one with such a "cool factor". No matter if it's just for yourself or if you want to impress others.
Don't Forget

Just a friendly reminder, please don't forget to remove the plastic from the plate (as shown in the video above). The plastic is there only to ensure that the plate doesn't get damaged or scratched but should be removed before operation.