Raven Gadgets 4-in-1 Bluetooth Adapter Wireless Auxiliary (Aux) Cord For Cars & Other Devices

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This is not just a regular Aux Cord, it transforms any device into a Bluetooth compatible one.

  1. Traditional aux cord for cars can only work on cell phones and etc... that have a headphone jack (which most new phones don't). The Raven 4-in-1 auxiliary device now allows you to play to play music, audiobooks, or any other media via Bluetooth. You simply pair the device with your phone via Bluetooth and then insert it into your auxiliary jack and stream music directly from your mobile device with no wires involved.
  2. Did you know that some states such as Washington in 2018 are now issuing $136 fines just for having your cell phone in your hand while driving? Our Bluetooth aux cord not only lets you listen to your music, it has a built-in mic so you can answer calls directly from your car stereo, hands-free (just like most new cars).
  3. Do you have a favorite pair of wired headphones you wish had Bluetooth capabilities? Well, when you're not using your wireless aux cord for your car, you can use it to turn ANY pair of headphones you already have lying around into Bluetooth headphones. Now you can use your wired headphones even if your cell doesn't have a headphone jack.
  4. How about when you're listening to music at home but don't feel like getting up to change the song? Our product also acts like a remote so you can switch through songs without having to leave your seat.