Raven HD Antenna - Version 2.1 (Best TV Antenna For Your Area)

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Version 2.1 Now Gets Up To 70 Miles of Range

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What Makes This Antenna So Unique?

1) Customized For Your Address = More Channels!

One of the biggest issues you'll face when looking for a TV antenna is finding one that will work at your location.

But not anymore! When you place an order with us, (at our sole discretion),  we will send you a customized antenna for your address.

This may significantly increase the number of channels you get compared to buying any other antenna which is important if your goal is to get rid of cable.

2) No More Missing Channels

With cheaper antennas, one of the problems you'll face is that channels will start to go missing over time.

While there are multiple reasons why this happens one of the top reasons is you simply purchased a junk antenna.

When you purchase the Raven Antenna you won't have to worry about these issues of missing channels due to degradation of the antenna.

Our antenna use only high-quality components which helps mitigate that from happening.

3) Uses Bare Copper


We use bare copper with our TV antennas and this is important. We've seen some customers go from 32 channels to 49 channels in some cases.

Unfortunately, a lot of antennas on Amazon and other websites lie about using bare copper and cannot be trusted.

With the Raven Antenna, you can rest assured knowing that it uses real copper and you'll immediately see the difference compared to other antennas available.