Raven Gadgets 2-in-1 High-Gain 200 Mile Outdoor Antenna

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The raven outdoor antenna has features that you won’t find in any other antenna. It has been featured on many media outlets as being “the best antenna money can buy”. It has many unique features that you won’t find in any other antennas such as:

  • Most antenna’s in this price range can only power 1 T.V at a time. The Raven Outdoor antenna has the ability to power 2 or more T.V’s at once, saving you money from having to purchase 2 separate antennas.
  • Even with outdoor antennas, sometimes receiving very weak signals can be a major issue. The Raven Outdoor Antenna uses a one of a kind technology called “High Sensitivity Reception Technology” which takes weak signals and make them stronger.
  • Did you know that most channels have 2 versions, an HD (High Definition) version and an SD (Standard Detention) version which is what most outdoor antenna The Raven Outdoor antenna will seek for the HD version of all channels and will only import the SD version as a last resort.
  • Most outdoor antennas have the amplifier sold separately. With our antenna, we’ve decided to have it built in which allow you to pull in more channels than any other antenna.
  • While most outdoor antennas are made up of metal parts which will eventually rust and corrode, The Raven antenna is made up of weatherproof plastic so that it can last for decades without any corrosion or having to replace the antenna in the future.