Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna (Covers 120 Miles)

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Announcement: Today marks our 2-year anniversary so to celebrate we are including 1 FREE Outdoor Antenna for EACH order placed today only!

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Outdoor Antenna Designed Specifically For People In Rural Areas Included FREE only if you order today!


Please Read (Important)

The number one reason why people in Rural areas have a hard time getting certain channels is due to your TV signals coming in from different directions. There are 2 type of TV signals UHF & VHF and depending on where you live you might require 2 separate antennas pointed in different directions.

Once this offer is gone, it gone for good! Please take advantage of this offer because buying 2 different antennas separately would usually cost you around $200-$300.

More Info On The Raven Ultra HD Antenna

Studies show that 96 percent of T.V Antenna being sold on online that claim to be able to track over 200 Miles or 300 miles is simply lying to you. These antennae don't track more than 1 miles (if you're lucky).

We've designed one of the first and only T.V Antenna's that can penetrate through almost anything including walls, trees, you name it. This means you can get channels that you wouldn't be able to get with any other antenna due to our Ultra Wave Technology!

What separates our antenna from any other antenna is:

  1. 93% of the antennas you'll come across cannot penetrate through walls and obstacles of more than 1 mile (despite claiming to be able to so). The  Raven Super Antenna uses a patent-pending technology called Ultra Wave which fixes this issue making it one of the only Antenna's available which can truly capture signals over 80 Miles!
  2. With other antennas, you're limited to a few channels (if you're lucky). However, our antenna is able to capture 5 times more channels allowing you to cut down on your cable bill (or streaming services).
  3. One thing you won't find in any other antenna is our Ultra Wave Technology which allows you to potentially get channels you would not be able to receive otherwise. 
  4. One common thing you will encounter with other antenna brands is "choppy signal". Our antenna doesn't have this problem so you'll be able to enjoy crystal clear channels due to our Smart IC technology.