Raven HD Antenna - Version 2.0 (Updated 2022 Edition)

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Studies show that 96 percent of T.V Antenna being sold on online that claim to be able to track over 200 Miles or 300 miles is simply lying to you. These antennae don't track more than 1 miles (if you're lucky).

Why Should You Buy This Antenna Now?

1) It's one of the only antennas that can penetrate through almost anything including your walls, trees, you name it via Ultra Wave Technology!

2) Due to Covid, we can't produce as many as we use to so once the current stock is gone, it can take us several months before we get more in stock.

3) Don't risk buying a bad antenna! We've tested the Raven Antenna in rural areas as well as densely populated cities (like NYC), our antenna outperformed some of the top-selling brands, some by a significant margin!

4) The FCC is releasing "NexGen TV" also known as ATSC 3.0. You will need a converter box as current TV's aren't compatible with ATSC 3.0. If you purchase our Ultra HD Antenna, We'll give 50% OFF our new ATSC converter box when we release it!

5) You'll save money! Not only will you get the best deal, but you'll also get our converter box (which will allow you to get a ton of new HD channels) for half price once we release it!


For those of you who are not aware, our antennas components are made with pure copper which is very important. Most antennas like the ones you see on Amazon, Walmart, etc...  use "Copper-clad" which oxidizes (breaks down). Antennas that use Copper-clad won't pick up as many channels and after 3 months your signal quality will start to degrade due to oxidation. With our antennas, since we only use pure copper, you won't have these issues.