Raven Super Antenna (Save Over $100 On Your Next Cable Bill)

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Limited Time: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Announcement: Today marks our 2-year anniversary so to celebrate we are including 1 FREE Antenna & 2 FREE Amplifiers for EACH order placed today!

Our antenna retails for $79 but as a one time offer for first-time customers, you can get it for $29. Please note, that after today, prices go back to normal.

Limited To 5 Orders Per Customer

So how will our antenna help you significantly lower (or eliminate) your current cable bills?

  1. Did you know that your cable company are currently charging you for FREE local channels? Don't believe us? Look at your current bill right now and you'll most likely see something that says "broadcast TV fee":

    Just do a google search for "broadcast TV fee" and you'll see many news articles regarding this. Comcast has raised the broadcast TV fee to $10 a month, and the sports fee will be $8.25 a month in 2019. Specturn & Time Warner will also be increasing these fees as well (cable companies stick together)

    So that's a $7 increase from 2018, going from $11 to $18.25  for channels you would get for FREE using the Raven Super Antenna.

    By purchasing the Raven Super Antenna you will get these and neighboring local channels for FREE! This means you can call your cable company and ask them to remove the local channels from your package and that alone would drop your cable bill. 

    The smarter decision is just to cut your cable and switch to the Raven Super Antenna. If you are on a fixed income, your cable bill (whether you realize it or not) is sending you to the poor house since fees increase EVERY YEAR!

    When you purchase the Raven Super Antenna, you will realize that paying for cable is pointless. This is why 60% of Americans don't have cable!