Dog Car Seat, Carry On, Travel Bag

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Raven Dog Car Seat

When it comes to buying a car seat for your dog you have to ask yourself a serious question, Do you care about the safety of your dog?  Most people just purchase the cheapest car seat they can find not realizing that by doing so they put they're putting their dog's life in jeopardy as seen in the video below:

Dangers of Cheap Car Seats & Harnesses


The majority of these car seats & harness that are being sold have NOT undergone any testing because unlike car seats for babies, there are no government regulations or requirement for any testing to be done. So buying a cheap dog car seat that hasn't undergone any testing is like putting your dog in a death trap.

Our car seats have undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and reliability.

Heres why our car seat excel's compared to other seats:

  1. Most car seats car seats are not tested by the manufacturer. Unlike other manufacturers, we've tested our seat in over 200 vehicles to ensure its compatibility with different makes and models but most of all, to ensure security and safety. Our seat is also 10x safer than any harness on the market.
  2. Did you also know that most car seats do NOT utilize your car seat belt? Instead, they come with these flimsy straps that you must attach to your headrest. Our seat (just like a child seat), uses your car seat belt which is the most secure way to fasten the seat and keep it in place. All you do is unbuckle the 2 buckles on the front of the dog seat, run the bottom of the seat belt along the bottom of the seat (where the buckles are), and then re-attach the buckles.
  3. 98% of car seats are openly exposed which is very dangerous. For example, if you get into a car accident, the debris from the accident could potently end up killing your pet. We've designed our car seat to be a total enclosure so that once you put your dog inside, it's protected from any type of debris which would otherwise harm your pet.
  4. Do you like to travel with your pet? Our car seat also functions as a carry-on and is accepted by most airlines. This alone will save you money since you don't have to purchase a separate carry-on just to travel with your pet.
  5. Something else you won't find in other seats is is an integrated bed. We've integrated a very plush dog bed in our design to keep your dog very comfortable. This will help your dog fall asleep giving you peace and quiet while you're going to your destination. 

Please Note: Due to the high amounts of orders, please allow 2-5 day instead of 2-3 days to receive your item.


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