Smart Tag Wireless GPS Bluetooth Tracker Collar Tag (For Cats & Dogs)

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Thousands of lost & stray cats & dogs are killed every year unintentionally by drivers so finding your pet as soon as possible should be your top priority. Our smart tag system is designed to do just that. 

Our smart tag can track your cat or dog ANYWHERE across the globe and unlike other devices, there are no monthly fees and it can be used with ANY collar you have laying around. Our smart tag devices have a 100% recovery rate and here's why:

  • Your smart tag will notify you immediately once your cat or dog moves out of a 50-yard range of your cell phone.
  • Most cat & dog trackers on the market emit harmful EMF radiation (just do a google search for "emf radiation pets") which has been speculated to shorten the life of pets. Our device is one of the only trackers available that does NOT emit EMF radiation.
  • Our Bluetooth cat collar tag system has double the range compared to any other cat GPS collar which typically tracks up to 25 yards. Our system, however, tracks up to 50 yards directly from your cell phone.
  • If your cat or dog travels beyond 50 yards you can use our unique Network Searching feature (at no additional cost) which will connect to our 500,000+ user device database and search for your missing pets signal. Once your cat or dog is found, you'll immediately be given their EXACT location.
  • According to cat behavior analyst at Missing Pet Partnership (MPP), when cat's go missing, they usually go into hiding for 10-12 days. The average cat tracking collar has enough battery to last only 1-3 days. Our smart tag, on the other hand, lasts up to 1-Year before needing to change the batteries.
  • Once you've located your cat, sometimes your cat might still be in "hiding mode" which means your cat will not meow or reveal it's hiding location in fear of a predictor finding their location. Our smart tag has a built-in alarm (which can be triggered through our APP) which will let you hear exactly where your cat is hiding.
  • Our smart tag system also has real-time signal tracking through our APP which means if you're on foot or even driving through the neighborhood, the device will let you see how close or how far away you are from your cat or dog.
  • Voted as one of the best dog & cat collar tags.
  • App Supports IOS & Andriod

Note: The devices require "2032 Batteries" also known as "cell batteries". This can be easily purchased at your local gas station, grocery store, or any place that sales batteries. The average cost is $2 for a pack which should last you a few years.