Best Indoor & Outdoor TV Antennas in 2021

When it comes to getting hours of free TV in convenient locations, something to invest in is a indoor or outdoor TV antenna and quality TV model. Using a TV antenna, you don't need any reasons to rely on companies to watch your favorite channels. Most antennas can provide between 50 to 100 TV stations to get free. The problem is that the good reception pattern of these antennas is limited compared to those of cable companies' packages. 

The number of channels you get for your TV thanks to antennas won't be as good as others you get from a cable package or a service like Amazon Prime, although your best reception provides variety and won’t cost you a dime. You’ll access major stations such as ABC, NBC, and The CW. If you're new to antennas, it may be an issue to know what to choose. Aside from clicking links online to the most popular choices for TV antennas, how should you know answers to some questions? Are there reasons why you should you use an indoor TV antenna versus an outdoor one?

What's the best indoor TV antenna or outdoor antenna to invest in for your TV to get more stations? We’ve taken time for these pages as we have on other links on our site to research antennas and why they're good antennas. For us and our location, we’ve found Indoor Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna and Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Outdoor HDTV Antenna to be the best for us for a TV. We’ve listed a comparison of the two antennas:

Best Indoor Antenna: Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna Review

For indoor antennas, the Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna stands out amongst other indoor antennas and over the air competitor services like Firestick from Amazon with a unique feature. It’s an indoor TV antenna that penetrates through many physical structures and locations. Our breakdown of the indoor HDTV antenna, how it performs in different locations, and why it's the best indoor HDTV antenna:

Ultra Wave

Indoor TV antennas have problems sending signals through concrete, walls, structures, items that make your indoor antenna signal reception weaker depending on location. Several decades ago, antennas were on houses instead of indoor TV antennas, because ultra high frequency (uhf) and very high frequency (vhf) needed to be strong without interference. Raven Gadgets Ultra indoor HDTV antenna uses Ultra-Wave design, helping indoor antennas project signal through structures.

Extends Antenna Range

The Ultra Wave indoor antenna creates better reception in more locations and captures strong signals up to 80 miles away. For an indoor TV antenna, that range takes a page from telecommunications. The Raven Ultra indoor antenna picks up some weaker signals from TV stations up to a number of a 60 mile to 120 miles range paired with the optional included amplifier for improved amplified antenna service for indoor antennas.

Finds More Hidden Channels

Upgraded antenna Ultra Wave lets you find some more things to watch when using antennas. The Raven Ultra TV antenna picks up to five times more shows that indoor TV antennas wouldn't air without an optional included amplifier. The range from the antenna gives you more variety of channels comparable to competitors (Amazon, Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse).

Reduces Drop Outs

Different antennas drop signal frequently, an issue with a new antenna. Raven Gadgets Ultra antennas prevents drops. With smooth connection for the best reception, channels are available through Smart IC Technology.

What TV users benefit from using these antennas?

If you live in an urban area with many news stations and apartments or similar location and watch TV shows with poor reception, this antenna is a way to get better service. Many sports programming TV watchers living in apartment buildings or suburban residential neighborhoods enjoy that this antenna can broadcast through the wall outlet with no problem with poor reception. You can catch digital and analog signals with rabbit ears-like technology and get more stations and shows to give your image credit it deserves, among the top reasons to use these antennas.

Best Outdoor Antenna: Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna

The Raven M1 design outperforms shares of competition and rivals digital services from Amazon and Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse with SNAP-ON product technology. The upgraded M1 series lets your antenna catch ranges of frequencies from a number of directions without having to rotate the antenna or get a pair of cord cutters. You’ll receive a wireless remote, a power supply adapter, and a 40 ft RG6 Coaxial Cable. Our overview from testing the Raven M1 features for HDTV antenna models: 

Quick Installation Using Snap-On Technique

The Snap-on Elements for antennas make it easy for beginners in any location to install. The installation doesn't require tools and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual for novices who list ease-of-use as one of their biggest reasons for finding new antennas. The snap-on element on these models snaps into place and is great for folks with no installation experience.

Wireless Remote Control & Noise Amplifying

The Raven M1 model design with built-in 360-degree motor rotor lets your antenna pick up remote control signals you need no matter which direction the antenna is positioned in. Its built-in high gain and low noise amplifiers use a 40 ft RG6 Coaxial cable. This TV antenna offers better amplification in any direction and a more extended range to get easy stable service in a Manhattan home.

Highly Durable & Weather Resistant

An issue for some people with modern-day outdoor antennas for home TVs is they break due to a lot of outdoor exposure in an exposed location. The Raven M1 model is a 200-mile range antenna made with weatherproof coating. The coating includes lightning protection, a durable rust-resistant design, and waterproof exterior not seen in many outdoor TV antennas direct, like flat antenna Mohu Leaf, Amazon, Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse, and 1byone.

Who’d benefit from using it?

A benefit from Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna is that consumers can use their HDTV the way they need. Best TV signals through this TV antenna don't cut out when you tape shows, unlike different antennas. Raven M1 allows the option to connect your HDTV to more show in some neighborhoods getting over 100 different number of channels. 

How We Chose the Best Indoor and Outdoor Antennas

For finding the best one HDTV antenna model you may need the most, compare a list of factors (mile range for air broadcasts, amplification) to choose a option. Look at an indoor antenna broadcast extended window of time for best deals for the best antenna, or if you have an obstruction such as a wall or other surface which can limit signals to 35 miles. Most of these indoor outdoor antenna factors separates an antenna limited to 35 miles or so from the best TV antenna, and outshine the best antenna products in the news and local channels from HDTV antennas retailers like 1byone and flat antenna products like the Mohu Leaf.

Article for plenty of details on more reasons:

Mile Range of Antenna

The signal of an antenna is something all air broadcats may need, of course, for atsc 3.0 signal from broadcast towers and is important for how many channels you get due to performance of mile range. If distance range for your television is near a broadcasting tower of size, you’ll get channels like popular sports ones in your neighborhood with a price tag you can afford.

However, you’ll be limited to ONLY the channels within that mile range. If distance is longer or in a hard-to-reach location like the attic, and you can pick up multiple TV towers in your Manhattan area in west 42nd street New York. You’ll get some more if the 2nd tower broadcasts more channels.

Look for deals for the best indoor antennas and a product you need to have a tuner and shorter signal strength performance than outdoor antennas. Most indoor TV antennas can be in a spot like the living room or even the attic anywhere between 50 to 100 miles even if it needs to send frequencies through the wall. On the other hand, an outdoor HDTV antenna can reach anywhere from 60 mile to 150 mile, to a 300 miles range, similar to but less expensive than an HDTV antenna from over the air broadcasts and digital TV competitors like Mohu Leaf and Mohu Releaf, Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse, and 1byone.

Amount of Channels 

HDTV channels range from zip code to zip code and are dependent on what station is broadcasting. Longer antennas may be able to page some more channels that are available in a number of different zip codes through surfaces such as the wall. You may find that a short-range antenna only connects you to 40 channels in 60 miles or 70 miles. By extending that reach by double, you may pick up over 50 channels beyond 60 miles or 70 miles from another broadcast TV station and commission all your gear to make the most of its features.

A method to see which antenna and settings you need to invest in is to use AntennaWEB for channels that are available in your neighborhood. Type in your Manhattan zip code or address, and the site will give you an estimate on how many channels you’ll be able to connect to and the price.

Amplification Amount

If you have an antenna and it doesn't pick up many channels, utilize an antenna amplifier. An amplifier design connects to your current TV antenna to boost range so you can connect to more broadcast stations within a larger window of amplified indoor range of signals in a specific area.

Your standard antenna model and size may only be able to connect to stations within 50 miles and not have a tuner. By connecting an amplifier, you can boost that connected up to 100 miles. Boosting the signal strength with an amplifier for amplified indoor range, you get an extra number of channels if you hit another channel broadcast station.

Quality of Broadcast

Of course, all major networks broadcast their shows for TVs in a window of stunning high definition. Antennas play little role in giving an image credit its due. You need high definition display for the most channels and content you want at a reasonable price.

Cable Length

The coaxial cable length design is another performance factor that changes your antenna experience, among purchasing recommendations when you want to get the best. Many consumers believe that a longer coaxial cable means better connection. That’s not the fact with wires for antennas that we were testing that sometimes had reasons to go through the wall.

Plenty of cables for antennas drop connection to a channel the longer their line is, without changing their expensive price. It’s essential to determine if you may earn minimum/maximum lengths. The shortest cable to use is 15 feet long. At around 50 feet at most, the cable shares a high amount of signal loss unless there's a window or space in your room. One that's longer than 100 feet can drop up to ⅓ the signal.

A Quick Comparison

The Raven Ultra HD Antenna has a smaller broadcast tower range compared to the M1 outdoor antenna unit of similar style and size, but you can install it inside your home. The Raven M1 antenna must be installed 30 ft above ground, problematic for a number of single-story homes. The M1 may struggle if you live next to many tall buildings like those in Manhattan.

All versions can broadcast your channel to tape on HDTVs, so you won’t see fluctuation in how well your television gives its image credit it deserves from that channel. Both have long signal ranges that do a good job of not dropping. They're around the same price range, cheaper than your local cable provider and less expensive than models of antennas from the big list of free over the air services or digital TV competitors like the antenna Mohu Releaf and Leaf, Future US Inc, 1byone.

Our Verdict

Both TV antennas provide more channels and sports impressive continuous connections for us, but we only chose one as the best home antenna deals for 2021. A few features and settings set one apart from the other. We favor the Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna option over others, the better pick for us and an audience of HDTV antenna shoppers looking for affiliate commission deals who want to cut the cord on their current antenna settings.

Your indoor outdoor antenna experience with these antennas may differ from someone on the 15th floor trying to watch a channel that needs a different setup. The window of availability for the number of all channels you need depends on location like expensive areas (New York like Manhattan). Some consumers may earn the best deals from testing affiliate commissions with a verification email and may be able to access over 50 channels at best tv reception, whereas you may be limited to less with older type equipment. The Raven Ultra captures hidden HD channels with rabbit years-like technology and is the better pick for us and our review editors who wanted a way to cut the cord from an older equipment setup and turn some new pages.