Best Indoor & Outdoor TV Antennas in 2023

What's the best TV antenna for indoor & outdoor use to invest in order to get more stations & cut the cord? We’ve taken time to research the best non-amplified & amplified antennas. We've tried each antenna in different locations to see if they can bring in both strong & poor TV signals.

Best Antenna For Indoors:

1. Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna Review

For indoor antennas, the Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna stands out amongst most indoor antennas and is great for tv reception. The raven's flat design indoor hdtv antenna is a unique compact antenna, it’s an indoor TV antenna that penetrates through many physical structures and obstacles which makes it one of the best tv antennas for indoor use.


Specifications Range: 60 Miles
Channels Received: 48+
Area Tested: Miami, FL
Amplified: Yes (Optional)
1080p Reception: Yes
4k Reception: Yes
Cable Length: N/A
Size: N/A
Detachable cable: Yes
Amplifier Included: No
Price: $59.95 (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)

Ultra Wave

Even the best TV antennas have problems receiving broadcast towers reception through concrete, walls, structures, items that make your indoor antenna signal reception weaker depending on your location. Several decades ago, antennas were mainly outdoor on houses and indoor TV antennas were not common. Uhf signals and vhf signals needed to be strong & large. Raven Gadgets Ultra indoor HDTV antenna uses Ultra-Wave design, helping the Raven indoor antennas get signal through most structures and getting the most free over the air shows.

Extends Range

The Raven Ultra HD is a small indoor antenna that captures good reception up to 61 miles away with no monthly fee. For an indoor TV antenna, that is truly impressive since not many amplified antennas can achieve this distance. The Raven Ultra indoor antenna picks up some weaker reception from TV stations up to 60 mile range when paired with the optional non-included inline amplifier.

Finds More High Definition Shows

The Raven Ultra tv antenna gets excellent reception and receives up to five times more live tv shows that other indoor TV antennas struggle to capture. The Raven Ultra HD is an amplified antenna. Also, the extended range capabilities gives you more variety of shows comparable to competitors like the Channel Master Flatenna, Amazon Basic Flat Antennas, Winegard Elite, Clearstream Flex, Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse or Antop HD Smart Antenna.

Reduces Drop Outs

Cheap antennas drop weak signals frequently as opposed to a strong signal, this is also common in most directional antennas. Our Raven Gadgets Ultra HD prevents drops with it's Smart IC Technology. This separates the Raven from other omni directional antennas.

What advantage users from using this antenna?

If you live in an urban area with many TV stations and live in a home, apartment or similar location and mainly get T.V shows with poor reception, this would be the best TV antenna for those situations.

Based on polls we've conducted, many people living in metropolitan areas or suburban residential neighborhoods enjoy the Raven Ultra HD because it can still get a weak broadcast tv signal through most walls with no issues with poor reception. You can catch digital signals, get more stations and watch the shows you love.

The Pros

  • Low Price & Buy 1 Get 1 FREE.
  • Rated as the best indoor antenna.
  • Gets the best reception compared competing products.
  • One of the only antennas on the market that has good penetration through objects.
  • Uses Ultra Wave Technology to receive over the air broadcasts.
  • Extended Range
  • Reduced weak signal strength drop-outs
  • Get access to shows you would have probably NOT get otherwise.
  • Can be used with an antenna amplifier (USB or Wall Outlet Powered).
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • No cable tv or satellite tv subscriptions.
  • Ability to pull in tons of local channels like NBC, CBS, Sports etc...
  • Easy installation & can attach to a window.
  • Adhesive patches included (easy to mount).

The Cons

  • When it comes to the cons, the only major con is that it is limited to inside use only and cannot be used outside.
  • Coaxial cable cord is non removable

Best Antenna For Outdoors:

2. Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna

The Raven M1 is one of the best TV antennas for outdoor & indoor use and rivals other outdoor antennas like Amazon Basic and antennas such as the Channel Master Omni+ or winegard elite outdoor antenna.

The M1 can pull in more channels!

The upgraded M1 device lets you receive TV broadcast tower signals from a number of directions without having to rotate the antenna. No matter if it's a strong TV station signal from nearby stations or distant stations. The best part is, it's both an indoor HDTV antenna as well as an outdoor TV antenna that can mount on any wall or attic.

In the package you'll receive an indoor/outdoor antenna capable of receiving a number of channels and a 40 ft RG6 Coaxial Cable.


Specifications Range: 200 Miles
Channels Received: 100+
Area Test Performed: Miami, FL
Amplified: No
1080p Reception: Yes
4k Reception: Yes
Cable Length: N/A
Size: N/A
Detachable cable: Yes
Amplifier Included: No
Price: $79.95

Quick Installation Using Snap-On Technique

The mounting brackets for antennas make it easy for beginners in any location to install. The installation doesn't require tools and comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual for novices.

Highly Durable & Weather Resistant

An issue for some people with modern-day outdoor antennas for home TVs is they break due to a lot of outdoor exposure (rain, sun wind, etc...). The Raven M1 model is a 200-mile range antenna made with durable plastic so no worries about rust, or other elements damaging the antenna not seen in many outdoor TV antennas.

Who’d benefit from using it?

This antenna is designed for consumers that are searching for inexpensive antennas to watch more shows and that can be used both indoors and outdoors (most antennas have only 1 specific use). So for example, if you're in an apartment, if you decide to buy a home later, you can use the same antenna and place it outdoors without having to buy a new one. Or if you have a mobile home, you can keep the antenna on the inside when you're travailing and on the outside when you're not. Any T.V with a built in tuner or external tuner will work.

The Pros

  • It's an indoor & outdoor tv antenna.
  • Can capture local stations broadcast signal and weaker stations up to 200 miles away (maximum range).
  • Great at penetrating through building, tress, etc...
  • Can be used in multiple scenario that other antenna simply can't.
  • Can be used with an antenna amplifier (great when tv towers are far away).
  • Mounts to any wall or attic.
  • No signal strength meter needed!
  • Great at receiving vhf channels & uhf channels.
  • Stop paying for cable & satellite subscriptions.
  • Gets the most channels.

The Cons

  • More set-up work than an indoor or outdoor only antenna.
  • Bigger than your average antenna.
  • Amp required for best performance.
  • No included amplifier.

Amount of Channels

HDTV channels varies from zip code to zip code and are dependent on what station is broadcasting closest to you. Larger antennas may be able to pick up more frequencies that are available in a number of different nearby zip codes. You may find that a short-range outdoor antenna only connects you to a few channels. By extending that reach with the Raven M1, you may pick up over 100+ watchable channels within a 200 mile range.

A method to see which antenna and settings you need to invest in is to use AntennaWEB for channels that are available in your neighborhood. Type in your zip code or address, and the site will give you an estimate on how many channels you’ll be able to connect to and the price.

How Does The Raven Antenna Stack Up To Competing Antennas?

Based on our test (and reviews from users) the Raven antennas seem to out perform most of the competition. Here's a list of other antennas we've compared our antenna too and while the following antennas are good, they don't measure up to the performance of the raven antennas:

3. Mohu Leaf 50

We've gone ahead and tested the omni-directional Mohu Leaf 50 indoor HDTV antenna and while while it's not the best TV antenna, it still could use some work. The construction of the antenna seems very rugged and not cheaply made but despite that some users have complained that the antenna just doesn't work in their area and this may be do to interference which is where most antennas fail (The Raven amplified indoor antenna does a great job at penetrating obstructions).


Specifications Range: 60+ Miles
Channels Received: 20+
Area Test Peformed: Miami, FL
Amplified: Yes
1080p Reception: Yes
4k Reception: Yes
Cable Length: 16 ft
Size: N/A
Detachable cable: Yes
Amplifier Included: Yes
Price: $69.95
Here is a screenshot of some of the reviews customers left on amazon who have used the Mohu Leaf 50:

The Pros

  • Some people seem to have success with this antenna
  • Has a strong build quality
  • Has a removable coax cable cord.
  • Pulls in some local programming.
  • Easily mounted & can attach to a window.

The Cons

  • Expensive, it cost $69.95 for EACH antenna.
  • The antenna can only be used for 1 Television

4. Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse

The Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse is a non amplified indoor antenna that has a cooler design in comparison to most digital TV antenna but the price to performance ratio is not looking good for the ClearStream Eclipse antenna.
When we did a scan (in any direction) with the Antennas Direct ClearStream it did not pick up as many channels as other competing antennas. For $40, I would expect this antenna to outperform cheaper antennas but that does not seem to be the case.
Also, keep in mind that if you have multiple TV's you're going to need to buy an antenna for each of them. So having 4 TV's means you'll spend $160, this also make the Raven Antenna a much better value.


Specifications Range: 35 Miles
Channels Received: 16+
Area Test Peformed: Miami, FL
Amplified: Yes
1080p Reception: Yes
4k Reception: Yes
Cable Length: 12 ft
Size: 0.5 x 8.75 x 10.2 inches
Detachable cable: Yes
Amplifier Included: No
Price: $39.99

The Pros

  • A lot of users seem to be happy with this antenna.
  • Good build quality, 3/5 stars.
  • Easily mounted & can attach to a window.

The Cons

  • There are cheaper options that can perform better.
  • Gets fewer channels.
  • You have to upgrade in order to get their other antennas which performs much better but cost way more.
  • Only comes with 1 antenna and can be used on 1 Television only.
  • No separate or built in amplifier.

How The Test Were Performed

All digital tv antennas were tested in Miami, FL at diffrent location in clear weather. We performed both a quick scan as well as full scan to get as many channels as possible with each antenna. All antennas were brand new in order to decrease the likelihood of testing with a defective antenna.

We have also tested each antenna on different days in order to see if that would also improve (or decrease) the number of channels that we were able to pull in.

Best Antennas Round up:

Antenna Price Watchable Channels Received (Miami, FL) Max Range (Miles)
Raven Gadgets Ultra HD Antenna Review $59.95 (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) 48 60
Raven M1 High-Gain 200 Mile Antenna $79.95 100+ 200
Mohu Leaf 50 $69.95 20 60
Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse $39.99 16 35

If you're tired of monthly bills & are looking to cut the cord while looking to purchase the right antenna to get as many tv channels for the best value, we recommend you check out Indoor or Outdoor antenna solutions (depending on your needs). We offer a full 14-day money back gaurantee if it doesn't work for you.